Top 4 PPC Mistakes Advertisers Should Avoid

Being a leading PPC advertising agency in Malaysia we always come across the stupid & sometimes not so stupid errors that most of the advertisers make while running their pay per click programs. Below we have listed some of the most common mistakes they make while running the PPC campaigns.

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Fighting for the number one spot:
Majority of the times, being number one ad in paid search results isn’t the best of approach, especially if your keyword is broad and you are compensating a lot per click. Being in number 2 or 3 position doesn’t mean that you will not receive any clicks. But if you fight for the first position you have to spend a lot of money.

Our experience tells us that Ads in 2nd or 3rd position have a good ROI as compared to the first position. So if you have the right keywords your ads can perform best and save a lot of money. In other words you should go for the proper keyword selection rather than competing for a number one position.

Falling short to employ a landing page:
PPC traffic sends tons of new visitors to your brand & website. And if you can target it right you will know what they are exactly seeking. So, refrain yourself from sending them to your home page, which is probably a common place that articulates your brand. Rather, create precise landing pages for each target segment & product, so that you can provide your new visitors the precise info they are searching for.

Ignoring brand name keyword:
It’s quite unfortunate, but a lot of companies don’t take advantage of their rivalries. How do you do this? Bid on their brand/organization name. Think regarding it … anybody looking for your rivalry could simply be your consumer instead. Why don’t you show up your ad under those keywords? What if they’re still shopping around? What if they’re searching for your business competitor’s name because they saw their television or radio ads?

Bid on your competitor’s brand name because quite often the ROI on those keywords is unbelievable.

Not split testing your ad text:
If you want to maximize your paid search campaign, avoid operating PPC advertisements without testing them. You should split-test your advertisements by creating manifold versions of the ad’s text for each of your pay per click ad groups. By doing so, you can find out which particular wording pilots to the most click-through & on-site conversions.

Approximately all PPC engines let you to split-test, but make sure that your advertisement variants will be displayed randomly so they produce sensible data.


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