What Are The Top 3 Link Building Myths To Avoid?

Backlinks are pretty vital to any SEO strategy. Even Google has confirmed that backlinks are the top ranking factors and pages are unexpected to rank without backlinks. Regardless of the important role of links in search engine optimization, year after year, we see & hear myths surrounding links and the acquirement of links.

Being a leading link building service in Malaysia we often come across these myths. Let’s talk about what are some of the most common link building myths that you must ignore.

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Link building is dead:
How many times you’ve heard it? Probably so many times!

The truth is, links remain crucial to the online business. They are as vital today as ever in search, and the internet itself would be un navigable without links.

However, you need to build genuine links that are appropriate to your business and servethe right value to the web.

Some people are afraid of penalties, often citing many black-hat building scams. Some even decline link building, claiming this formula simply does not work and going for Pay Per Click.

Let us tell you that building inferior quality link is the main cause of the disaster. If you’re attempting to influence your way into links & better rankings, you will wish link building was dead.

So build up a good network of link signals, and employ top-quality content that provides enough value to be linked to by another website.

Links on high PR sites matters the most:
If you have zeroed in on high PR sites that you would like to employ to improve your link building campaign, carry on with care. Generally, people are so overzealous regarding link building on high PR sites that they fall short to pay attention to the ranking of the actual pages where their links are published. In fact, having links on high PR websites is less valuable if they’re added to dusty, dark, forgotten pages. No doubt, it is always smart to target high PR sites, but be certain to dig a bit deeper prior to moving ahead. Also, keep in mind that an organic link profile will incorporate links from low & medium PR sites also.

Multiple links from the same domain are worthless:
Acquiring links from as many different domains as feasible is certainly desirable for any link builder or webmaster. Getting a 2nd or 3rd link from a domain that already has linked to you mayn’t assist you as much as the 1st link did, but it still passes the value in the same way other links do. If Bloomberg.com was linking to you manifold times from their site would you be worried? Not at all!

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