How To Protect Your Website Against Negative SEO

If you’ve been ignoring the importance of negative SEO, you’re missing something really important. Not just negative SEO exists but it also has turned out to be a legitimate risk.

What’s negative SEO?
According to Search Engine Journal, “Negative SEO is the practice of executing black-hat SEO tactics on another website.

While the whole SEO landscape has changed in the last five years, ranking in Google’s top ten search results has turned out to be a massive challenge. Surely, black-hat methods don’t work any longer. And yes, these tactics can damage your site more than your imagination. And this guide to formation of a new kind of SEO, known as ‘Negative SEO’.

Negative SEO

Listed here is some tactics black-hat practitioners can employ to decrease your search rankings. Check in detail how to protect your site.

Google Search Console Email Alerts:
You perhaps don’t know that you can employ Google’s very own Search Console to avoid black-hat SEO attacks. You might have come across the email alerts sent by Google when:

• You get a manual penalty from Google
• Your pages aren’t indexed
• You’ve server connectivity problems
• When your website is being infected with malware

Therefore, connect your site with Google Search Console & activate email notifications. So, now you will get email alerts from Google whenever there’s a problem with your site.

Website speed:
Obviously, website speed is an important ranking aspect. If you discover your website has a high loading time, make sure it isn’t because someone is sending so many requests per second to your server. For this, scrutinize your website speed once a week at least by using any of the below listed tools:

• HubSpot’s Website Grader
• GTMetrix
• Google’s PageSpeed Insights

Regular Backlink Audits:
The most common negative SEO practice employed by spammers is to build low-quality links for your website. Therefore, doing regular backlink audits can assist you safeguard it from possible negative SEO attacks. You should scrutinize your website’s backlink profile on a regular basis to stay away from any distrustful new links. You can make use of dependable tools like “Ahrefs” or “Serpstat” to set email alerts and get notified when your website gets or loses a backlink.

Negative SEO is real, but following essential & on-time precautionary measures will help reduce the loss. At iTech47, we offer search engine optimization services in Malaysia that strictly meets the guidelines stated by Google. With our quality SEO services in Malaysia, you will not only rank high on search engines but also enjoy qualified lead. For any type of SEO help, get in touch with us at +60 12 662 1206.

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